07 April 2022

Marketing Humber’s Young Talent Network has named Hull & East Yorkshire Mind as its Charity of Choice.

The partnership means that Young Talent Network will raise funds for Hull and East Yorkshire Mind through its events and other initiatives, as well as using the network to raise awareness of the services that the charity offers to those experiencing poor mental health.

The Young Talent Network, which is run by Marketing Humber, is a professional and social network that provides an annual programme of unique events for all young talent in the Humber region. Members don’t have to be part of a Bondholder business to be involved and the events are all free to attend. 

Hull and East Yorkshire Mind is the region’s local mental health charity. They deliver local services to over 7000 people every year, and campaign locally to raise awareness of mental health, and reduce stigma and discrimination. The charity have an ambitious vision for the future, in which they will not give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect.

Voting overwhelmingly to select Hull and East Yorkshire Mind, the Young Talent Network Steering Group noted the parallels between the YTN’s ethos of inclusivity, being able to forge connections with new people, and having a strong support network with good mental health.

Mental health support in the Humber has undergone an intense period throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Statistics from Hull and East Yorkshire Mind’s 2021 Impact Report underline the scale of its provision. Last year the charity received 3209 individual referrals from people needing support with their mental health. This figure was 974 in 2017. The charity also runs a 24/7 Information and Advice Line for local people wanting information, advice and support.

Good mental health is key for the Humber’s economic development through a happy, productive workforce. 100% of people receiving job retention support from Hull and East Yorkshire Mind reporting a positive change in managing their mental health. The service is designed to support

Jack Moore, Marketing and Communications Lead at Hull and East Yorkshire Mind, and Young Talent Network member said:

“We are really grateful that the Young Talent Network have chosen Hull and East Yorkshire Mind as their Charity of Choice. 1 in 4 people will experience poor mental health every year, and we know that the pandemic and other subsequent events going on in the world will impact on this. By working together and launching this partnership, we can ensure that more local people in Hull and East Yorkshire know about our services, and are able to get the help they need and deserve.”

Initially, the network will raise funds at its events by encouraging those attending to donate, with further partnerships in the areas of volunteering, raising awareness, joint events, and ambassadorship.

Paige McGowan, Young Talent Network Lead at Marketing Humber, welcomed the new partnership:

“We are proud to be partnering with Hull and East Yorkshire Mind to play our part in raising awareness for their life changing services. So many young people in our region are affected by poor mental health, either personally or through someone close to them, which is why our Young Talent Network voted unanimously for this partnership. 

“Our events continued to take place online throughout the pandemic, as we felt it was so important to provide our members with the option to stay connected to something familiar when so much was being cut off and changing around them. Now we are back to in person events we have put a big focus on rebuilding connections and confidence, which we believe strongly aligns with the work that Hull & East Yorkshire Mind are doing.  

“We are looking forward to working together to raise much needed funds and awareness through our events programme and encouraging our members to take part in some of the fantastic volunteering opportunities available.” 

The charity also operates as North East Lincolnshire Mind on the Southbank, and offer services such as private therapy, and tailored support to the homeless community.  This announcement comes after the charity is expanding their operations, with the opening of a second building in North East Lincolnshire in the coming weeks. This will support their vision and enable more people to get the help they need, when they need it most.

Community Fundraiser at Hull and East Yorkshire Mind, Marie-Louise Robinson said: “We are delighted that the Young Talent Network have chosen us as their Charity of Choice.

It’s going to be an exciting year working in partnership with them, to raise awareness of our charity and its services, and raise some much-needed funds too.”

Not defined by age, the Young Talent Network provides a platform to strengthen key skills, share knowledge and create meaningful connections. 

The network encourages connectivity across industries and the breakdown of silos to enhance regional impact and strengthen the future collective voice for the Humber region.

To find out more and sign up to receive updates about the YTN, visit 

Learn more about Hull and East Yorkshire Mind and North East Lincolnshire Mind at /

If you or someone you know is in need of mental health support, Hull and East Yorkshire Mind is available 24/7. Call 01482 240133 or email You can also chat live to trained professionals via their website

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