The Daisy Appeal is dedicated to bringing the very best medical scanning services in the world to the Hull and Humber region to protect local people by enabling earlier and more accurate detection of cancer, heart disease and dementia.


The Appeal was launched in 2002 and has brought together the NHS and the University of Hull to develop facilities and services which are gaining peer recognition internationally.


Daisy’s first milestone was the opening in 2008 of a Research and Development Centre at Castle Hill Hospital in Cottingham. The Jack Brignall PET-CT Centre was opened in 2014. In addition, the charity purchased a table-top cyclotron and gave it to the University of Hull for research.


The latest project is a Molecular Imaging Research Centre, housing a second cyclotron which is medical practice compliant and will support the launch of new procedures, possibly including scanning for Alzheimer’s and prostate cancer.


Professor Nick Stafford, who launched the Daisy Appeal said: “When we started I thought the whole thing would cost £2.5 million. We’ve progressed beyond that by adding more facilities. The cost of the entire PET-CT project is now in excess of £12 million but the result is we are well on the way to having one of the finest set-ups in the country.


“We want to see this geographical area become a national centre for PET-CT development, and the opportunities that will bring are immense. There are not many places in the world that have our capability, and certainly not in the north of England.”


Prof Steve Archibald of the MIR Centre at the University of Hull’s Faculty of Health Services said the number of patients from both sides of the Humber being scanned every year at the Jack Brignall PET-CT Centre has increased from around 1,400 in its first year to the current figure of nearly 4,000.


He said: “Alzheimer’s diagnosis has become bigger and bigger and we need to continue that as the treatment drugs are being developed. There is a scan for prostate cancer that is being tested and it’s one that we want to do in Hull.


“We are starting to get international traction based on what’s going on in Hull through the University and NHS partnership and it would not happen without the Daisy Appeal. The reason this is not happening elsewhere in the UK is that there isn’t a Daisy Appeal elsewhere with the vision to bring partners together.”

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