A part of Bostonair Group, we provide a complete service for the design, planning, installation and maintenance of solar PV arrays and battery storage. We can help your business to become more profitable by reducing your reliance on grid-supplied electricity.


Based in Beverley, we are one of only a very small number of companies in East Yorkshire that offers a true turnkey development service for the design, planning, installation and maintenance of commercial scale solar pv arrays. We work extensively across all business sectors and are not tied to any specific equipment manufacturer. This enables us to install the system that best suits our client’s requirements. March 2022 will see the final commissioning and handover of a 5MW solar farm for the Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS trust at Castle Hill. This will be the single largest solar farm developed for an NHS trust in the UK.


Future plans are focussed around keeping renewable energy development at the forefront of the minds of all commercial users of electricity. Energy price inflation has made our financial models more appealing and our intention is to continue to provide a first class service to any business looking to reduce its energy overhead and improve its environmental credentials. We use local suppliers wherever possible and have forged many beneficial relationships with suppliers to the benefit of our customers. This remains an ongoing situation that is always evolving and improving.


Being a Bondholder for us would be a great way for us to be a part of the conversation around Renewable Energy and support the region’s vision, as well as connecting with commercial businesses in the region to support them with their renewable energy solutions.

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