To support your business and promote the Humber region, Marketing Humber has developed a collection of films to communicate the wealth of opportunities in the Humber, showcasing the vibrancy of theĀ area from both a business and lifestyle perspective.

Eyes on the Humber | COP26 Film

Annual Bondholder Ambassador Event 2020

Waterline Summit 2020

The Waterline Summit 2019

Marketing Humber Chair, Andy Parkinson, outlines 'Why the World needs the Humber'

The Humber: the UK's Energy Estuary

Marketing Humber: At the forefront of the fight against climate change | The Waterline.

Marketing Humber Showcase 2019-2020


Marketing Humber Bondholder Partners

'Our Work' - Marketing Humber

The Waterline Live 2020 Preview - Rianke Krugel: Greenpeace

MyTopia - The Green City Builder

The Humber - A Digital Catalyst

YTN Event - Behind the Scenes with Bio-D

(A&R Day) The Waterline Summit - Strengthening our Capacity to Adapt to a Changing Climate

(A&R Day) Earth 2050 & The Culture of Climate Change Debate

(A&R Day) Adapting and Collaborating in the Humber for a Sustainable Future

(CG Day) Leading the UK to Net Zero through Technological Innovation

(CG Day) Student Session: Ørsted UK

(CG Day) How can Hull become Carbon Neutral and increase prosperity, Hull City Council

(NBS Day) Nature Contributing to Climate Mitigations

(NBS Day) Student Session: Yorkshire Water

(NBS Day) A Carbon Forestry Approach to Tackling Mental Health - PATT Foundation

(IBS Day) Why the World Needs the Humber

(IBS Day) Waterline Live - International Webinar

(IBS Day) 'World Humber One: How the Energy Estuary can lead the way in low-carbon power' - SSE

(SF Day) Unlocking Capital to Transform our Industrial Clusters

People Power unlocking the post-lockdown opportunity

Marketing the Humber on the national and international stage

Humber Spotlight - read by over 4,000 people across the region.