20 January 2023

NHS research says, exercise can improve your mood, boost your self-esteem, and reduce the risk of stress.*

It is a key element to keeping our mind and body healthy, and this shouldn’t stop just because it’s dark and cold outside!

As part of our #WinterWellness campaign we’re focusing on ways to keep up with fitness and exercise all year round. This includes safe ways to exercise outdoors, and inside alternatives for when it maybe is just a bit too cold.

Exercising indoors could be the best option for you. One really convenient thing to come out of the pandemic is the number of online classes there are online many are affordable or even free.

Here are some workouts you can complete in the comfort of your own home: There are plenty indoors out-the-house classes and memberships you can make the most of, too:


20 Minute Full Body Workout - No Equipment Needed | The Body Coach TV

Complete these quick 10-minute workouts from home.

Adrienne’s YouTube account containing multiple workout videos. Here is an example:


Sunrise Yoga - 15 Min Morning Yoga Practice - Yoga With Adriene

Yoga helps you to relax and deal with stress.

Here is a list of Leisure Centres in the region that you can sign up to today. 

North Lincolnshire Council has a gym equipped for everyone.

Hull City Council have a list on their website of the Leisure Centres you can go to.

North East Lincolnshire have various membership options on the Linc Inspire website you can join up to.

You may of course prefer to exercise outdoors, and there really isn’t any reason to change this in Winter. It is valuable for the social element, getting outside if you are working from home, and you can’t beat fresh air. The list goes on! There are, however, ways to make sure you do this safely, and taking part in group activity may be a good option.

Examples include:

The Park Run in Hull takes place every Saturday at 9am at various locations. You can register today to sign up.

British Cycling Lets Ride allows you to join local cycling groups and gives you options of groups depending on your location.

You do not have to be a mum to join this group, this group is open to everyone and where you can meet new people to walk or run together.

*Benefits of exercise

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