We want to create a new type of HR in the Humber. We believe in being bold. For too long, HR has been a barrier to business growth – the “HR Police”. The world has moved on, and we believe a more pragmatic and proactive approach to HR is relevant in 2020.


Have you come across VUCA lately? This popular description for the world we live in - Volatility, Uncertainty, Disruptive and Ambiguous. We believe that in this rapidly changing environment, business needs HR now, more than ever. HR professionals deal with people, in all their glorious, flawed human complexity. People problems have always been VUCA – talk to any business owner to hear that age-old phrase “you couldn’t make it up!”.


Our HR People are technically brilliant and know what the intricacies of the rules and their application are within our client’s organisations. We also know that business is never black and white, and our expertise enables us to operate in the grey areas, making judgements and measuring risk against outcomes, focusing on what can be done, rather than what can’t.


Our Services

People are complicated – HR Doesn’t Have to Be.


HR Consultancy – the mainstay of our business is providing outsourced HR support to SMEs in the Humber Region, with a focus on the Engineering and Technical/Digital sectors. Our standard HR Audit is an annual review to make sure contracts, policies and procedures are up to date and relevant and written in a way that is simple and engaging for everyone.


As HR Business Partner Service means working in our clients’ business for 1-4 days per month, acting as a trusted advisor and treating their business as if it were our own. The support we provide is unique because we offer SMEs a choice of consultants, each with their own area of expertise –everything to help attract, recruit, retain and develop their people.


Our work is always face to face, supplemented by telephone support, and we typically put in place 6-12-month contracts with all clients. We are just as likely to offer a bespoke program for the Board around culture and leadership as we are to deal with an employee relations issue.


HR Consultancy is suitable for a business of between 10-50 employees, growing or facing change who are looking for formal HR support for the first time, or want to change their current outsourced HR provide, or want bespoke leadership development or coaching for their senior teams.


HR Training and Coaching – we offer regular HR Masterclasses – typically half day open courses although we also offer bespoke in-house to upskill HR Professionals in areas such as recruitment, talent, engagement, culture or leadership or for Business Owners around up and coming changes for example IR35.


HR Training and Coaching is suitable for a newly formed HR team, or a someone in a stand-alone HR role looking for extra resources and support or a business owner looking to boost their understanding of HR practice.


HR Recruitment – as our clients’ businesses grow, we offer a specialist retained HR Recruitment service. We know what good looks like because we are HR people! We recruit HR Managers, Business Partners, Advisors and Directors for businesses across the region.


HR Recruitment is suitable for the HR Director/Head of HR of an organization with an internal HR team of 3 or more people or for a business leader needing independent advice for their first HR hire.


In a nutshell – if it’s about People and HR, we can help!

There is Always Time to Talk


Everyone in the Humber HR People team had extensive careers working in numerous and diverse environments but there are some vital ingredients that bind us together. We view our Clients as vital partners and want to create a rewarding partnership environment where expertise and commitment are appreciated, and values and beliefs are respected and we build better business, together.


It will come as no surprise that we feel it’s very, very important that we get together every now and again – so we offer complimentary monthly Directors’ Breakfasts, with a focus on People and Productivity.


We know that time is precious. Our events are concise, punchy 30-minute session delivered by one of our experts, over breakfast once a month. We have limited number of spaces, reserved for clients and our partners. Drop us a line hello@humberhrpeople.co.uk for next dates.


Welcome to Humber HR People -

We can’t wait to start the conversation!

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