Problems need solutions, we are here to talk through your problems and help you find the right solutions. We can solve problems after they happen, but we are equally good at helping put things in place to reduce problems in the future. Business or Personal, it’s good to talk.

James Legal Solicitors provide quality advice to businesses and individuals, but we do it with a real difference.

Stereo-typically Solicitors have often been seen as unapproachable, stuffy, jargonistic and very expensive - James Legal turn that stereotype on its head.

We are people first, who just happen to be lawyers too, so you get professional Legal advice with large doses of common sense, understanding, practical and commercial advice.

James Legals aim to to have happy clients and a happy working team.

All initial consultations (or as we prefer chat over a coffee) are free

James Legal provide business advice throughout the business life cycle

Hidden in our logo are the initials JL (for James Legal)

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